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Company Culture

The Expert Of Housing Solution

Mission and Culture

PTH firmly holds “Professionalism and Innovation”as its business moto, and strives to be the expert in your housing solution. It creates wealth in the society and added values to the customers. Like the clear sky and clean water, further improving our living and working environment is the kind of objective that PTH pursues.
PTH Culture promotes Sincerity, Trust, Improvement, Commitment and Sharing.
Sincerity makes things become simple.
Trust is the beginning of all capabilities.
Advance our mind, knowledge, ability; to be advanced every day and strive for the betterment.
Commit – bold to acknowledge our own inabilities, be responsible to ourselves, customers and company.
Share the reward, joy, and the experiences; Sharing is a level of higher caring.



Corporate Responsibility

PTH is active in community services as its corporate responsibility, and responds to the needs of housing products from international aid programs and refugee camps.
It is PTH’s honor to be able to serve. We firmly believe that setting sustainable development and building integrated housing as our corporate strategy will be a win-win situation to both customers and PTH.



Social Responsibility

When natural disasters occurred in remote areas and government seeking for fast sanitary and housing facilities, we are proud that PTH responded to the needs timely. We worked with the front line aids and provided temporary and permanent facilities like schools, clinics and housings.
PTH firmly believes with a strong sense of social responsibility building into the company development strategy and its daily operation and development, PTH will become a socially recognized organization, further enhances the understanding of coexistence of humanity and economic development in the society.



Environmental Protection

PTH strives to play an increasing influential role in its social responsibility, and to reduce any negative impact to the environment at its scope of services by emphasizing saving on energy & other resources in its operation. PTH will also minimize environmental impact in its best possible way through its the selection of raw materials, production methodology, product R & D, as well as on-site installation services. With our customers from over 200 countries worldwide in the past 20 years, PTH firmly believes our effort, product and services are all positive to the environment.

Environmental Protection and Service

Through PTH’s state-of-the-art production, we can deliver environmental friendly and energy saving products, avoid construction waste, protect natural water resources, as well as creating a series of green industries such as fuel and water storage, storm management. All of these are the assurance of PTH’s green activities.



Corporate Moral Value

One of our utmost important standards is to service our global client with moral, sustainable and responsible attitude. As a global organization, our responsibility goes beyond the normal managerial and legal scope of services, and will cover the area of corporate efficiency and human rights.
PTH commits to its best effort to provide a one-stop service to our client including design, manufacture, logistic and site assistance. We believe with the strong management support through discipline and sustainable development, both economic and social benefits will be a reward, which realizes the corporate mission by enhancing a better living and working environment.








The Expert Of Housing Solution

  • 1998PTH produces steel structureal parts.
  • •••In those 10 years, PTH production emphasis has gone through the transformation from the production of door and window fittings to the protecting system of houses, then turns to the building structure ,and finally upgraded to integrated housing production.
  • 2008The first container house was finished and exported to New Caledonia in Dec,PTH is making stride on the path to"The Expert Of Housing Solution".
  • 2009PTH Anchang factory was founded and put into use in Oct.
  • 2010Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd was registered.
  • 2011The production base was located at Binghai industrial district, and acquired the world's leading light steel villa and container production line.
  • 2012Undertook the hotel project of 2012 Africa Nations Cup in Gabon.
  • 2013PTH was named ”The Outstanding Brand Display Business in International Prefabricated Building Industry”, and ”The Guest Network of Alibaba”.
  • 2014Undertook the 1,500 men mining camp project in Kazakhstan and was named “Science and Technology Enterprises of Shaoxing City.
  • 2015PTH was named “National High-Tech Enterprises”.
  • 2016PTH Brand upgrade,take the strategy”Go Out”to get close with customers and market....
  • 2017Hangzhou Zhongpu Architectural Technology Co.,Ltd. was established.
  • 2018PTH has successfully developed and upgraded Container House and Double-C Structure, and the release of these two new products made PTH become a leader in the steel stucture industry.

Chairman Address

The Expert Of Housing Solution

Mr. Rutang Zhang, as an national 1 class architect, has been involved in a number of major construction projects. Back to 1990s, Mr. Zhang started his business in integrated housing industry,which made him one of China's first integrated housing, steel construction business leaders. With nearly 30 years of planning, production, installation experience in integrated housing, light steel villa, steel structure. We could name him the representative of Chinese craftsmen. He founded the PTH brand in 1998 and established Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. in 2008, and developed the PTH staff to a new level. Mr. Zhangru Tang attaches great importance to personnel and talent, what’s more,he creat a unique Putian culture " Honest, Belief, Progressive, Responsible and Share".

Sales network

The Expert Of Housing Solution

Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as PTH) has offered its products and services to customers from more than 100 countries around the world.There are construction builders from Gabon, developers from South Africa, design institutes from South America and construction material traders from Asia-Pacific. After the successful cooperation with PTH, they recommended PTH’s products and services to their friends. PTH products and services covering areas such as infrastructure, camping, hotels, mining etc.